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Pended in a Day

Front Exterior

Last Friday, April 15, I photographed this nice home on Parkridge Road in Bellingham’s Edgemoor neighborhood for Windermere agent Kristi Thorndike-Kent. The listing went live on Monday, April 18, and this morning I received a text from Kristi:

“Thank you for the great photos of Parkridge…tons of showings, multiple offers and SOLD!!!:)”

Here are a couple of the interior photos. I photographed this home after the sellers had moved out and cleaned.
Living room


The interiors were photographed with my 16-35mm lens. The exterior at the top of the post was photographed with my pole-mounted camera for a better view of the yard than was possible from street level.

Is a Drone Essential?

I received a query this morning from a realtor who said she thought she would need an aerial viewpoint for an upcoming listing because the home is on the uphill side of the street on Bellingham’s South Hill. I suggested that a front view of the house with a pole-mounted camera would probably show the house very nicely.

Ground Level View
Ground Level View

This afternoon I paid a quick visit to the neighborhood and made a couple of test images, one from street level and the other with my camera at the top of my 15-foot pole.

Pole-mounted Camera View
Pole-mounted Camera View

I think the results show that a drone isn’t always necessary. A pole camera photo is faster and cheaper than a drone.