Million-Dollar View Home

Only a few homes are listed and sell for over a million bucks in the Bellingham market. Those that do have a combination of a stellar view, lots of rooms, quality construction, and a desirable location.
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Front exterior

Homes like this, when they’ve been properly staged, are the most fun to photograph. But because they’re appealing to a certain kind of affluent buyer it’s important for the photographer to spend a little extra time on each shot to make sure everything is just right. I want every image to say “quality.”

I give each room the attention it deserves. Many times I’ll photograph the main rooms from multiple angles so showcase the feeling of space and to show how the rooms are connected. I’ll pay special attention to camera placement. I want potential buyers to say, “Wow, I’d love for my family to live here.”

Outside, the view is a critical photo. If the current owner is a gardener then I’ll want to show off the garden. That’s where I bring all my years as a landscape and garden photographer into play.

Photographed for Michelle Harrington at Windermere Real Estate.

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